Romanian spotted breed


Romanian spotted breed is a breed resistance to the environment, the best results are seen in the plains and hills, with continental climate. Under the circumstances continental climate, the heat has a negative impact on milk production, cows appetite decreases, therefore decreases the production of milk.

Romanian Balata is a breed for milk and meat production, suitable for farms and households.

Romanian Spotted cattle breed are easy to maintain, resistant to harsh life for short periods, even poor nutrition.

Reproduction Romanian Spotted cows.
Reproduction in Romanian spotted breed is late in several respects.

The first calving occurs in 30-33 months, 20-30% later than other breeds.

Gestation lasts 400-440 days.

Lactating during gestation is 320-350 days.

The birth rate 80-90%.

Reproductive problems in 4% of Romanian Spotted cattle breed.

The calves weigh 38-40 kilograms at birth and weight gain following:

Dates                    Males                            Females
3 months            110-130 kg                   105-120 kg
6 months             180-190                       170-180 kg
9 months              200-220 kg                240 kg
12 months            330-400 kg                280-340 kg
18 months            520-550 kg                390-440 kg