Blonde d’Aquitaine

The breed originates from the the Aquitaine district in south west of France embracing the area of the Garonne valley and the Pyrenees.

Blondes today are one of the best and most popular beef breeds in France because of their lean muscling, high growth rate, docility and calving ease due to a high tail setting, large pelvic area and light bone. Numbers in France are growing at about 5% per year. They are the third largest breed in France (with over 480,000 cows) and are quickly catching the Limousin and Charolais breeds. An extensive progeny testing program has ensured continual improvement in the breed, which is reflected in its popularity.

Blondes range in colour from nearly white to nearly red. However, the golden wheat colour, often with lighter rings around the eyes and muzzle, on the inner side of the legs, under the belly and on the shins is typical. The Blonde colour is not at all dominant in crosses. Even at the 7/8ths Blonde level, animals will sometimes carry the colouring of the minority breed.

The head of the Blonde d’Aquitaine is long from poll to muzzle. The forehead and muzzle are broad, the face triangular. Horns are light in colour and thick at the base, darkening at the tip.

Easy calving – They are fertile, easy calvers and produce very growthy calves. A number of calf characteristics contribute to easier passage thru the birth canal: (1) the calf’s birth weight is spread over a much longer body, (2) a finer bone structure, (3) light muscling at birth, (4) smooth shoulders, and (5) a small triangular head. Cow characteristics, such as width of the pelvis and an inherited hooks-to-pins slope of the rump, also contribute to calving ease. Tests have shown up to 98% unassisted calving from Fullblood Blonde cows. There are many breeders using Blonde bulls on crossbred cows who find that they have far fewer calving problems than with any breed previously tried.

Rapid growth – Hybrid Vigour and Blonde genetics combine to give exceptional growth under many conditions.

Quiet temperament – Blondes are typically docile and easy to work.

Heat tolerant – Blondes may well be the most adaptable breed in existence. They flourish in all climates in the USA as well as in Canada and the Tropics.



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