Euro Livestock & Meat Group | Halal Foods Farm

Focused on import-export activities & livestock commerce

Euro Livestock & Meat Group as a member of the company group is specially focused on import-export activities, providing fresh and frozen carcasses and a wide range of cuts. The group has recently entered in the field of livestock commerce and is already perceived as an active presence.

With 2 decades of experience, the company group has made a reliable partnership with farms and slaughterhouses in different parts of EU, where pure and crossed breeds of cattle, sheep and goats are raised by professional farmers.

The group of companies engages in:

  • Cutting plant
  • Semi-processing meat
  • Collecting, fattening and keeping the livestock in quarantine in our farms
  • Foreign and domestic commerce of meat and livestock: Cattle, Sheep, Goat
  • Logistic systems, distribution and storage at controlled temperature: -25°C to +25 °C

Euro Livestock &Meat Group  is oriented on satisfying clients’ needs, by providing all market sectors with meat according to the specific requirements of each market sector, including tailor cuts, or special requests, non typical orders, or big volumes, on regular basis.

Euro Livestock &Meat Group  shows a special attention lately on Halal and Kosher meat, that he can provide with the Muslim’s communities from EU and the Middle East countries.