Cattle weight is about 600-800 kg and bulls can weigh a ton.
– Despite average size, body weight is high.
– They have a very high capacity to give milk, average annual production of approximately 5,000 liters.
– The amount of fat in milk is an average of 3.8% / l of milk.
– 3.4% Proteins / l of milk.
– Very prolific, having a very good breeding capacity due to the long period of fertility they have.
– Bovine temperament is characterized by a quiet, gentle, very easy to grow.
– It adapts well to various climatic conditions.
– Return cut is 60%.
– Calves are very healthy due to milk that cow can produce more in its growing weight in a short time. In addition, the main economic asset of the species is that the age can breed becomes pregnant is 2 years and can produce up to 13 calves.
– It is used successfully in improving other races.



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