This breed is native to the Swiss Alps. Spread and was enhanced in the French Alps crossing with indigenous goats in the area, where he acquired the name “Alpino Francesa”. It is possibly the most cosmopolitan breed within the species, since it can be found in many countries of the five continents.

The Alpina is a goat high and medium-sized. The live weight of females ranges from 60 and 80 kilos and males 80 and 100 kilos.


It is a specialized dairy breed medium format. It’s rustic and is adapted to permanent housing as grazing, or to life in the mountains. It operates mostly in summer and its main product is mostly milk goes to cheese making.

Other abilities of this breed are the production of fur and meat production of suckling kids.

Alpine’s Goat milk is a great race, enjoys a high adaptation to mechanical milking,  thanks to the formation of the posterior third, variable length with nipples, milk releases easily once.

Kids weigh at birth 4-5 kg female and male respectively, take a month to reach 9,5 kg is the ideal medium for marketing in a yield of carcass 64%. Most farming operations performed by artificial feeding kids.

The puberty in males is evident to 120 days and females at 150 days. The average age at first birth in France is 450 days and in Spanish herds 410 days. The calving interval is 365 days.

Goats of this breed noted for their pronounced seasonality lasting sexual season 210 days.