Goat Malagueña is a native Spanish breed is among the most dairy breeds in the world.

The origin of the race or rather where the first ranches were organized for its description and recognition, was in the region of La Axarquía Malaga, whose capital is Velez Malaga, population that gives this other name to the race.

It was also called Costeña, because it is all this original area, coastal zone.

Average age male reproducers (months): 18
Female reproductive age (months): 24
Average age at first delivery (months): 14
Interval between births (days): 290
Number of births per year: 1
Prolificity: 2
Duration of productive life (years): 8

Very low
Meat production
Average daily gain (average; gr / day): 160
Age at sacrifice (average, months): 1
Channel weight (average, kg): 4.5
% Channel yield: 55
Milk production
Milk production per lactation (average, kg): 502
Duration lactation (average, days): 268
No. of lactations: 7
% Fat in milk: 4.8
% Proteins in milk: 3,4