Baltata Romaneasca

The Romanian Baltata breed is characterized by a large variability through the prism:

  1. Variability of the maternal breed (Transylvanian steppe)
  2. Variability of the Simmental breed that was imported from 5 different countries
  3. Changing in time the features and focusing on milk and meat production.

Live stock Romanian Cattle – Baltata specification

In general, the Romanian Baltata breed has the following characteristics:

Type Height Weight Circumference of the trunk
Cows/Bulls 133cm/150cm 600kg/900kg 186cm/220cm

Live stock – Baltata Cattle Meat

The color of the Romanian Baltata cows is white with reddish, the head and the knee to the hoof being always white. The appearance of pigmented areas on the head should not be considered defective, as there are features inherited from the mother breed (Transylvanian steppe).
The trunk of the Romanian Baltata cow is trapezoidal or rectangular. The trunk is long, wide on the very successful specimens.
The most common ugly defects are asymmetry, long nipples and low milk production.
The members are strong, straight, well-developed muscles. The skin is of good quality, it is thick, dense and weighs 35-44 kilograms.
The Romanian Baltata cows have a quiet temperament, they are mild and patient animals, endowed with good conditioned reflexes.



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