Sheep Breed Information

Mature Body Weight Ram: 190-240 pounds; Ewe: 140-185 pounds
Average Fiber Diameter Micron 28-33 ;USDA Wool Grade 46′s-54′s
Grease Fleece Weight 7-10 pounds
Staple Length 3-4 inches

The sheep of the Texel breed is developed for meat production and is native to the Netherlands. The Texel breed was also exported to the United States of America, New Zealand and Uruguay. But it is very popular in Europe, where it is also one of the most expensive sheep breeds.
Origin and history

The sheep of the Texel breed originate from Texel, located in the North Sea, northwest of the Netherlands. This breed is the result of the crossbreeding of several sheep breeds in the UK. It has been developed for meat production and exceptional carcass quality.

It is one of the most popular sheep breeds in the Netherlands and one of the most appreciated in the world.

Physics description

The sheep of the Texel breed is a medium sized animal with a massive body and its right and broad back. The legs and the snout are devoid of fur, and the tail is short. The body is covered with a dense, medium-sized, white wool. In fact, Texel’s wool wool is very soft, making it ideal for crochet.

At birth, Texel lambs weighing 5-7 pounds, and 3 months already weigh 30-35 pounds. At maturity, the sheep of the Texel breed weighs 75-85 pounds and a ram of 110-130 pounds.

Behavior and personality

The sheep of the Texel breed is very dowdy and friendly. It is a bit pretentious and transmits much power and robustness. It feeds on almost anything and grows well on grassland with little grass. It is very resistant to climatic conditions and can also be raised in cooler environments.

The sheep of the Texel breed are especially grown for meat production and for the exceptional quality of the carcass. The meat obtained from the sheep of the Texel breed is of very good quality, very tasty and with a special flavor.