Rouge de l’Ouest

It is the result of a cross of local breeds from the West of France with English rams. A long-established breed, the Rouge de l’Ouest combines qualities of breeding with beef qualities.

  • Breeding Skills – The Western Red Sheep produces two lambs in season. Its average prolificacy is 185%. She is very maternal and therefore raises her lambs very well.
  • Beef Qualities – This is a breed that has been selected for the past 20 years on meat production ability while maintaining its breeding qualities. It produces long, thick lambs without excess fat.
  • Good growth rate of lambs – The average growth of lambs between 30 and 70 days is about 300 g for double males and the average weight of purebred lambs at 70 days is 28 kg.

Due to its finesse of frame, it is a breed that guarantees births without problem and whose meat yield is greater than 50%.